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Welcome to the Church of the Holy Communion.  We are a 113-year-old Episcopal/Anglican church in the Congress Heights neighborhood of Southeast Washington.  Our mission is to
be a community of people charged to be stewards of God's gifts; committed to caring, helping, and nurturing each other; engaged in teaching and proclaiming God's word; empowered by the Holy Spirit to do Christ's work.


Please join us as we proclaim the Word of God every Sunday morning.  We have Bible class at 9:30AM followed by service with singing and communion at 10AM.  Afterwards, we have refreshments and fellowship in the library.  We offer further opportunities for fellowship with our women's and men's groups for adults and the acolyte corps for youth.  Anyone is welcome to join these groups and more importantly join the church and praise God.


May the peace of the Lord be always with you,


The Rev. Nan Peete, Priest in Charge